Urban Family Photography | Cold Spring, NY


Prior to photographing this family session last summer, I had never done an urban family photography shoot before. However, when this family requested such, I felt up to the challenge.  You see this family is the reason I indulged fully into family photography, to begin with. When they first asked me to photograph their son as a newborn, I hesitated. I had never done a newborn session prior.  And to be honest I always shied away from family photography in general. However, after explaining this, I felt up to the challenge. Their newborn photography session marked the first time, I was completely happy with my family photography results.  When they asked me to do a more urban family photography session in the village of Cold Spring last summer, I again hesitated but pulled through. I love these photos. 

This was actually the third time I have photographed this family. I am honored that I continue to trust me to mark the passing of time for them. I am also grateful for them indulging me further into family photography each time. This is especially significant since with each session I “torture” them a little bit. Once I start photographing them, I don’t want to stop.  I am insecure in this type of photography so I tend to underestimate what I have captured and therefore want to overcompensate with an exuberant number of frames. I always tell them to let me know when they had enough but they are polite – though I must admit I can see when they are done on their faces now. I am sure there are happy to hear this. 🙂

 Yes, their son is as sweet as he looks. He is one year old now.  He is constantly changing. This, for example, was the first session we had where he could confidently sit on his own.  I expect next time he will be walking!  



Cold Spring Photographer | Family Session

Cold Spring Photographer | Family Session

I am a Cold Spring photographer.  I have lived in the Village of Cold Spring for about eight years now and I love it.  This family is fairly new to the area.  The moved up here when they first had their son and reached out to me for some photos.  I think this is the...