As an outdoor lifestyle family photographer, my sessions are about connection and light.

I find the light, put you all in it, and then guide you all into interacting together. 

I will ask you and your family to gather in a particular spot. I will tell you individually where to sit or stand or walk.  I will prompt you into interactions.  I will then aim to capture those in-between moments. 

I will tell you if something does not look good and ask you to shift. 

However, I will not micro-manage every gesture into a pose.

As a Lifestyle Family photographer, my aim is to keep things loose and unposed.

Hudson Valley lifestyle Family Photographer

As a lifestlye family photographer, my style is guided because I set the stage and then allow the natural gestures to unfold.

I set the stage with composition and light. I adore light.  All kinds of light and I know how to adapt to whatever natural light is available. 

For example, if at the time of your family session the natural light is harsh, I will turn you toward the light for a few photos but I will seek the more even light in the shade. If it is overcast, I will be sure and have you all face the light.

However, I do prefer and highly recommend scheduling your family portrait session in the last two hours to one and a half hours before sunset. This is when the sun dips down on the horizon and casts its warmest glow.  This is the most flattering natural light.  I especially like photographing at this time because I can also use the low sun and its flare as a natural element in my photos.  I adore the energy in sun flared photos. 

Natural family photographer
Rhinebeck Family Photography

Rhinebeck Family Photography

_______________________ It was pretty cool when this family contacted me about doing a Rhinebeck family photography session. We had never met prior but we were able to chat on the phone beforehand and pick a location to have their family session.    Whenever...

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