fine art children's portraits

Fine Art Children’s Portraits

Fine art children’s portraits have been with me since I first picked up my camera.  My heart is in my fine art children’s portraits. Yet, I rarely explore it. All my other types of photography I do seem to dominate my time and there is little time for this work. For example, the session below was done two years ago.  This session was done purely for fun. But because my other sessions were commissioned getting those done has always taken priority. Until COVID hit.  With no additional work coming in, I finally have time to catch up.  I am so very happy to have to divulge here. 


The two girls pictured are sisters. I have photographed the eldest sister before.  The first time I photographed her was at a local barn dance.  Once a year, a local farmer opens up his barn and invites the community in.  It starts with a pot luck dinner and once the sun goes the square dancing starts.  Yes, we do not live in the south and it is 2020 but I can truly appreciate square dancing.  It brings everyone together, gets the community interacting and moving, and best of all smiling.  Seriously, you can not help but smile when you square dance.  It is a beautiful American social tradition.  Our annual local barn dance, is almost always one of the most beautiful nights of the year. 


Since I first started photography, I would always bring my camera with me to the barn dance.  One year I caught the photo below.  Yes, that is the eldest sister as a very little girl.  I always loved this photo.  The world spins around her and she is content to study her own fingers. This photo also appeared in “Connecting: Celebrating the People and Places of the Hudson Highlands.”

This girl has always had a calmness and a soulfulness to her.  For years I wanted to get her into my studio and was so excited when she finally did.  It was especially wonderful that she brought her little sister along. I adore these photos.  I hope you do too. 



Cold Spring Photographer | Family Session

Cold Spring Photographer | Family Session

I am a Cold Spring photographer.  I have lived in the Village of Cold Spring for about eight years now and I love it.  This family is fairly new to the area.  The moved up here when they first had their son and reached out to me for some photos.  I think this is the...