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This young family, like many others, escaped NYC with the onset of COVID. These three young boys settled into the local schools and that is where we first encountered each other and led to me capturing their family portraits.

I don’t think many people realize that in addition to family portraits and weddings, that I also do Hudson Valley school photography.  I guess I am not so inclined to yell it from “the rafters” because school photography is often looked down upon.  And well, there is a lot of really bad school photos out there – soooo.  I can go on here but let me just let you chew on this fact – I adore school photography. I love it for many reasons, too many to list here, and I do it very well.  

My school photos are very natural – the lighting is natural, the outdoor setting is natural and most importantly the kids look naturally like themselves. AND as a photographer, I absolutely adore basking in the energy of say – 230 kids!!, over the course of a day. REALLY!  

So, these three boys have settled into the local schools – two elementary and one preschool.  I am the school photographer at both of these schools and that is where the mother took notice of their photos and asked me to capture their family portraits.  

I have never regretted having three daughters, as opposed to three sons, but meeting these three lads made me wonder. These three boys were all distinctly different from the other but all so sweet in their own unique ways.  Yeah, they were spirited young children. I did have to chase them around a little bit – especially the littlest one. They were kids being kids and that is the best way, I find, to capture them. However, they each seemed to possess a wonderful tenderness to them all the same. It was clear to me that they loved their parents and siblings, though they might be prone to bonk the latter on the head to really show it.  Spirited and sweet –   a fabulous combination!

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father and son photo in the Hudson Valley
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Mom and son portrait
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Westchester Family Portraits
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