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Cold Spring Photographer | Family Session

I am a Cold Spring photographer.  I have lived in the Village of Cold Spring for about eight years now and I love it.  This family is fairly new to the area.  The moved up here when they first had their son and reached out to me for some photos.  I think this is the fourth time I have photographed them.  My first time was when he was a wee newborn. 


Every time I photograph them we choose a different location in Cold Spring.  As a Cold Spring photographer and resident, it is fun to find to come up with different locations to photograph each session. Cold Spring is so scenic, it is not difficult to find a pretty spot. 


They are a wonderful young family and I really enjoy marking their son’s stages every few months.  This past session he seemed on the shy side for the first time.  Perhaps it was my COVID mask?  Still, I would not say he was cranky. He has the sweetest demure and you can just tell he adores his parents. It is also obvious to me that his parents cherish him too. It is great to see the connection deepen between them with every session.  


The family’s dog usually joins our sessions.  I encourage people to bring their pets.  They are part of the family.  At this session, the dog happened to give the little boy a kiss at the perfect moment, resulting in the sweetest smile. Oh, man, I am so happy I was there to capture it.  

Cold Spring Photographer
Cold Spring Photographer
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Cold Spring Photographer
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