Children photography has been with me since I started taking photographs. My portraits of children through the years have long been my favorites. The portraits that I prefer are more soulful and natural rather than directed by exclaiming “say cheese”. Children are so natural and beautiful as they are.  I find it easy to just find some good light and let them be themselves. Yes, I will catch some smiles too but they are not my main focus. 

I was so excited when this toddler and two little ladies walked into my studio.  I was instantly reminiscing of my three daughters. Being one of three girls is a complicated dynamic,  I think this lends itself toward stronger personalities. Well, that is what appears to be the case in my household. These three girls were only delightful in my studio.  Really, they were not difficult at all  Yet, while photographing them they each felt very strongly distinct to me. The littlest did cry for a wee bit.  The proof is below but it was short-lived.  I actually like the photo of her crying as much as the ones of her looking sugary sweet.  Both photos represent her. 

The best part of this shoot was how their mom and I just instantly got each other.  Mom just wanted some modern but classic portraits of her girls.  A clear portrait to mark the time and their personality.

No gimmicks are necessary for children photography. 

No cheese, please. This is the way I love to capture children,  This is what I am best at. I am and was so happy that Mom and I had the same objective for her girls’  portraits. 

I could have set up studio light for this shoot but the littlest one just seemed to antsy for all that hubbub. So,  I just used the light from my half studio window.



Cold Spring Photographer | Family Session

Cold Spring Photographer | Family Session

I am a Cold Spring photographer.  I have lived in the Village of Cold Spring for about eight years now and I love it.  This family is fairly new to the area.  The moved up here when they first had their son and reached out to me for some photos.  I think this is the...