Since I first started taking pictures, fine art child photography has been my thing.  Yet, despite seven years of professional photography under my belt, I feel like I am just starting to actively pursue this genre. 

The child pictured here, over the span of ten years, is my God Child.

She has always been my muse. She has depth and intelligence and it has always been a pleasure to capture it.  

I took the first photograph of her on the day of her Baptism. I was just starting in photography but I knew the power of window light. I scouted her grandparent’s home and found the perfect backdrop (blue wallpaper) next to a southern facing window and placed her there.

This spot just happens to be at the top of a narrow staircase.  Since then, each year around the time of her birthday, we photograph in this exact same spot – though we seemed to have forgotten a session four years ago.  It was right around Trump’s election and I blame that  🙂 

The only other aspect that has been consistent with our portrait session is the time of day. We almost always did our child photography session right around 10 AM.  My cameras have changed and gotten better through the years.  I have also varied my lens choice throughout each session.  

It has been so wonderful to mark my God Child’s progression from an infant to aged ten.  However, in retrospect, I can see some commonalities in her personality over time. I might see an expression now, that is reflective of her she was becoming when I first photographed her at a younger age. 

Another change I can note is how at various points she resembled someone different in her family tree.  One year, I insisted she looked just like her mom.  Another year just like her Dad.  Another time, like her maternal Grandfather. At this point, it is very clear she resembles her maternal side!

It is also clear that these photos also mark my progression in child photography. Ten years ago, I may not have known that my shutter speed needed to be at least 500 to capture a wiggly child.  Or that I should turn her slightly toward the window and bring a silk cloth to soften the light. Just this last session, I realized that closing the door at the top of the staircase acts as a fabulous reflector.  Yet, like my God Child, I too see some commonalities in myself, in how I captured her over time. 

What I particularly like about these photos is that they are in the realm of classic portraiture – straight forward shots that are not gimmicky.  They are meant to capture HER – all of her physically and mentally at this point in her life. I also love that her mother leans this way as well.  Her mom allows her to dress as her daughter wants for the photos.  She has not once suggested she wear a particular outfit or that she even comb her hair.  These photos represent my God Child as she is, who she is. She will care more about her hair and clothes with age but I so cherish photographing her natural ease at this juncture.

I love these photos and this soulful child. It is an honor to be her God Mother and mark her transitions over the years. 

You can click on the above photos for a closer look.


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