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Family Photographer in the Hudson Valley

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Family Photographer in the Hudson Valley

Family Photographer in the Hudson Valley


As a Family Photographer in the Hudson Valley, I not only photograph local families but quite often families vacationing in the Hudson Valley. A majority vacationing family that I photograph stay at Airbnbs in the Hudson Valley.  Such was the case with this lovely family.  I really like this idea of multigenerational family vacations. 

Multigenerational vacations usually include grandparents, their adult children along with their spouses and grandchildren.  How cool is it also to have your multigenerational family members gather under one roof for an extended period of time? The Hudson Valley provides a wonderful escape for busy families, not only is it beautiful, but there are also just enough activities to keep you busy in-between relaxing.   

Yes, as a family photographer in the Hudson Valley, I know many local spots that would provide a wonderful backdrop to an extended family photos session.  However, I generally prefer to stay on-site at the Airbnb for an extended family session.  I usually arrive about a half-hour before the session starts to advance scout locations to photography. I look for light and a great natural backdrop. I have yet to have a problem finding a great spot to photograph at an Airbnb property.

I also like staying close to the Airbnb because this is where multigenerational family members seem the most comfortable – especially when older adults and multiple young children are involved. Although this family had grandparents that were far from elderly and only one young child in the group, it was just easier to step out into the backyard and take some photos rather than gathering everyone to travel off-site. 

This extended family was a breeze to photograph.  They were both gracious and fun.  It was my first extended family session since the COVID lockdown and I was worried about photographing again after so much time off.  It was not an issue, as this family immediately put me at ease. 


Family Photographer in the Hudson Valley

extended family photography in the Hudson Valley

family photo session in the Hudson Valley

family photo of grandparent with grandchild



Cold Spring Photographer | Family Session

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